Are you tired of struggling with frustration, depression and the feelings of being trapped by life’s circumstances? Are you willing to bring a lasting solution to those issues that has troubled and overwhelmed your soul, spirit and life?

Welcome to Redemption Outcry International – I help you overcome spiritual challenges.

Prophet Yaw Yeboah Sarfo is convinced that the word of God, His wisdom and power has the ability to transform people from one level to the other.

My mission is to Proclaim the mind of God, Redeem and Restore His people.

No matter where you come from – irrespective of your social status or race, I am spiritually equipped to help launch you into the deep, bringing about transformation, accelerating you in your divine purpose, helping you gain clarity and healing your soul.

At Redemption Outcry International, your spiritual needs are a priority.

As CEO & founder of Redemption Outcry International, prophet Yaw Yeboah Sarfo has vast experience in spiritual counseling and consultation with individuals, groups, businesses and organizations. He has been instrumental in assisting both men and women in recognizing impediments affecting their spiritual life, growth and development.

Through prayer, meditation, communication with the Holy Spirit and exercising of his spiritual gifts, Prophet Yaw Y. Sarfo will help guide you on a path of success with his spiritual abilities.

At Redemption Outcry International, spiritual services offered to clients are very transformational.

Do you want to find out what your dream means?

I’ve being receiving dreams from God since the age of 6 or 7, I am equipped to give meaning to your God inspired dream.

Are you depressed, and frustrated?
Everything seems difficult and nowhere to turn to?

I have good news for you today – with my spiritual abilities, I will help bring solutions to issues troubling your soul, spirit and life.

Send an email with your needs to: Take the next step here.

I’ll reply in 24-48hrs.

Redemption Outcry International is characterized and renowned for transforming a person’s life spiritually.

Sometimes, in life, all we need is that one person to add the missing piece of the puzzle to our life.

Prophet Yaw Y. Sarfo

~Prophet Yaw Y. Sarfo.

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