Be inspired by these testimonials:

“For about 2 years my husband has been having night terrors. He kicks and punches the bed throughout the night. I have noticed that the dreams are getting worst. He sometimes will sit up and punch at the air. Sometimes he will yell out loud. Once he jumped out of bed and started to run, I always wake him and ask what was he dreaming about, and he either does not remember or a dog, bear or some kind of animal is after him. I have tried anointing our bed and room and even him. He dreams but not as violent. Last week he jumped up and was cursing and fighting, I called him, his eyes were still closed and he jumped on me. He did hit me in the chest and my screams woke him up. Please help.”

Reply after my work:
“Good morning Prophet Sarfo, Thank you so much for your spiritual consultation and prayers for my Husband. The nightmares are gone in Jesus name, and we both are sleeping throughout the night. During the time of healing, strange things were happening in my home, like pictures falling off walls and alarms going off, and a window even broke in our kitchen,..”

Clients name withheld for privacy reasons.


Dear Yaw,
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your healing prayers after my surgery. I was in so much pain I didn’t know what to do with myself. You  prayed for me and told me I would feel better in the morning and you were right! I was so down trodden that I just didn’t feel I could do it on my own. Your prayers reminded me I am NEVER  alone, God is  ALWAYS  with me! I wish the blessings for you that you have given to me and others!
Christine, Pa


I was going through heavy warfare in my marriage. My mother-in-law has tried for over 15 years to destroy my marriage. She worked witchcraft and everything. I watched my marriage begin to end right before my eyes. My husband began to cheat on me and everything. He would not spend time with me. He moved out of the bedroom. I thought I was loosing my mind because witchcraft was done to me and put in my food. I did not know what to do. I prayed and prayed and… had others to pray for me. I met Prophet Yaw Yeboah Sarfo through a social network and contacted him. He prayed for me and encouraged me through my trial. I did not see results right away because I was in a great spiritual battle against witchcraft, my spouse’s lust and the like however after about 3 months things began to change. Prophet Sarfo encouraged me to not lose faith in what God has spoken. God did restore, not only did He restore, He renewed, glory to God. Prophet Sarfo is a true man of God and I thank God for Him and how He used Prophet Sarfo to speak into my life. I am forever grateful.
Jenifer, Virginia


When I first met you I was impressed how you worked in excellence. No matter what the task you put yourself into it whole-heartedly. I was delighted to learn later it was expression of the out-working of your faith. So many know what to say without putting works to their words. I wasn’t sure what to think when you said you were a prophet; I was not taught that all spritual gifts were still in use today. But after comparing your messages with your deeds and the Word and the Spirit testifying to mine that your exhortations were of the Lord, I was convinced that you are indeed a prophet. Your messages were direct or indirect words to my life and heart. You say truth that is not always easy to hear in a time that many who preach cheap grace and excuse apathy. Thank you for daring to say the words the church needs to hear and abide. Thank you for your devotion to the Lord in your life!
Kathleen, Oregon.


I broke up with my husband of almost 28yrs. This was the first time this had ever happened and hopefully the last. Part of my husbands transgressions was online dating. I decided I would do the same, get on a dating site and find someone else who wanted me. I was up front with everyone and told them I was still married but living separate from my husband. I talked to a lot of people and most were out to scam me out of money.


I met Yaw on a social network and he was different. Every day in the midst of my pain, anger and uncertainty, he sent me words of encouragement and scriptures. I had no intention of doing anything I would regret. I have been a Christian  for a long time and wanted to continue to walk in integrity regardless of my situation, but at the time I also felt like I was going crazy, I felt so rejected and alone, I was desperate at times to find someone new who wouldn’t hurt me. Everyday in between my tears and feelings of being “lost”, not knowing which way to turn, the Lord was working through Yaw to keep me safe and on the right track. I don’t know how many times he would text me and say:”‘Pray and be patient” After about three months my husband and I reconciled. My husband went to counseling and started going back to church. It’s been almost a year since the whole thing happened and me and my husband are doing better than ever. The lord took something bad and made something even better. I thank the Lord for sending Yaw to minister to me in my time of need, I  really don’t know what I would have done without him. When I think about all the trouble I could have gotten into, and how Yaw came into my life at just the right time, I know it was the Lord keeping me. Thanks for minding the Lord Yaw.

Cindy, Ohio.


Dear prophet,

We have been married for quite a long while, when the devil decided to steal the love from my home. My husband stopped listening to me and completely didn’t care about anything concerning me or the kids. I was so frustrated with his behavior that I almost left home, but for the sake of our children, I stayed on. After many attempts to get him to listen proved futile, I contacted prophet on the social site…he told me that what I needed was restoration and He promised to bear me up in prayer, true to his word he did. By the 3rd day my home had just normalized…… glory to God!

Gloria, Ghana


I do feel better. Not so oppressed in my mind and clearer like you said. Had a nice dream about how to do my tutoring better. What did you do??Did you pray in tongues…or intercede specifically on my behalf? I have been bombarded for years and in a battle with spirits sent to me from another person. It feels much better…and gone. Thanks. Really blessed today…felt refreshed in the morning especially. GOD Bless!! : )

Diane, Oregon.


I am a wife and a mother of 5 children. There has been tense moments at our
home lately because my husband is not the father of my children. We found
each other on a Christian dating site. He finally came down this past March
from oversees; Thinking in my mind and heart this should not be hard to
transition with the children, little did I know… I have been texting Yaw
to please pray for me. He has always remembered me in his prayers always
texting and checking on me and my family. Well this past weekend I was
depressed and down and would not even talk with my husband, I just wanted to
be away from everyone including my children. In my heart and mind I just
could not take it anymore. The first person I thought about was not a
girlfriend but it was God’s helper Yaw. I was down on my knees texting him
questions and  asking myself “is it me”? I asked for his opinion and he told me
he will get back with me and that he will pray. Well
that same night, I saw a big difference in my husband not only that, but
my husband was given the chance to go to school and also the school offered
him a job to help pay for his tuition and he still will have left over
money to help at home! God be the Glory!!! My husband has been so down and
worrying it made him smile again made him see what was going on at home..
things have eased up so much. The kids and I have seen such difference, but I do
have teenagers and I know things will go slowly, at least its doing
something other than a stand still!
I thank God for bringing Yaw in my life…God Bless you!

Caroline, Florida


God has spoken to me and ordered my steps on a number of occasions through the ministry of Prophet Yaw Yeboah Sarfo.
There were times that I had to make certain decisions and at those crucial moments, the Servant of God would Minister to me via text messages with clear instruction as though I have discussed the issues with him. I sometimes get amazed by these but as a Christian, I believe it’s the doing of the Lord.
Prophet Yaw Yeboah Sarfo has been blessed with the gift of interpretation of dreams. I shared with him, dreams I had that I did not understand and upon sharing them with him, he prayed with me and gave me interpretation to these dreams.
God has also healed me through his ministry, and anytime I am down and my faith is weak, a message from the servant of God comes in timely to encourage me and strengthen my faith in God.
As the bible says in Eph. 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”, I have had several attacks from the enemy and again, Prophet Sarfo stood by me in prayer and I can confidently say that my enemy has been defeated and I am victorious through Jesus.
Prophet Sarfo, I have been so blessed by your ministry. Thank you for keeping me in prayers. I thank God for your life and may God bless you and your ministry.

Ama , NY


Dear Prophet Yaw Yeboah,
“I have received ministry from Prophet Yaw Yeboah several times and on each occasion his words of counsel, insight, direction or encouragement were extremely accurate and to the heart of the matter, perceiving things that I had not examined myself but revealed GOD’S truth to me as they were spoken. I would highly recommend him to those who are looking for a deeper walk with GOD or have questions about things they are going through. He seeks the LORD wholeheartedly and shows great integrity. I am most appreciative of his humble and fruitful ministry.”

Diane, Oregon

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